I believe the success of a community is the direct result of its members working together to achieve common goals. I am committed to communicating with all citizens and doing so in a polite and civil manner.

We need an education system that has options for all students. Our children and grandchildren learn at different speeds, and in different manners. Teachers are so important in the development of our young people. Their positive reinforcement can be the spark that leads our students to find success, but they need the proper tools to work with. Our students should have options that match their interests and capabilities. Not all need to or want to attend a 4-year university that they and their families may not be able to afford.

While additional schooling or training is needed after high school, we must make sure other options are promoted as successful paths to a good career, a career that will help them to choose to stay in New Hampshire. The Huot Center, the State Community Colleges, and the University of NH are all great choices depending on their needs. Private businesses that offer mentoring, sponsorships, and internships, should be rewarded for their efforts and their success rates. Quality education is so important to the creation and retention of “good jobs”.

Everyone in our community deserves access to quality health care. I will work with the state and medical providers to ensure the health needs of our citizens are met. I will be available to constituents to try to help them to find the care they and their families need. I will always work to protect Medicare and to make sure Medicare works for our seniors. While we are fortunate to have the NH Veterans’ Home here in our community, my concern is for the veterans who served and need medical help NOW. I will work to make sure veterans have access to good medical services, and that these services are available in a timely manner, as we need to repay our veterans for their service, in addition to retraining and helping them to re-assimilate into our communities.

“Good jobs” means sustainable jobs that pay a living wage. This is the central issue of our community. There are many other issues that radiate from this issue, but we must start by working with the state to create “good jobs”.

The State of NH and Belknap County are resources, and we are all great contributors to achieving success. I will work with these and other resources to assist with our community needs. I will work 7 days per week and I will be available to communicate with the citizens of our two communities and with our town officials at any time or place. Gunstock Recreation Area is the jewel of Belknap County. We must all work together to keep Gunstock the important part and stimulus of Belknap County that it has been for so many years.

I ask for your confidence and your Vote.

Please vote for John A. Vorel in the Republican Primary on September 11, 2018.

Download and print these palmcards to give to your friends and family.