John Vorel was written up in The Laconia Daily Sun in 2016.

John Vorel

Born and raised on a farm in Gilmanton, Vorel, of Sanbornton, has spent much of his career in the ski industry, managing ski resorts, including King Ridge Ski Area, Gunstock Recreation Area and, as director of state ski operations, oversaw the state-owned slopes at Canon Mountain and Sunapee. As a consultant, he assisted with the development of what became Meadowbrook Musical Arts Center as well as served as president of the Laconia/Weirs Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Laconia/Gilford Economic Development Council. “I’ve managed public and private entities and worked with the state legislature and state agencies,” Vorel said.

As a legislator, Vorel said he would have three major priorities — generating good jobs, improving public education and ensuring access to health care. He said sustainable jobs that pay a living wage and offer opportunity for advancement are essential to restoring the strength and renewing the growth of the economy. The state, he continued, must assist businesses to train and retain their employees. Vorel said that while good jobs will keep young people from leaving the state, educational opportunities, particularly at the vocational technical centers and community colleges, will prepare them for work.

“There is too much emphasis on four-year college,” he said, suggesting government should partner with business to develop internships, apprenticeships and mentoring programs.

In providing access to health care, Vorel emphasized the importance of caring for younger veterans of the conflicts in the Middle East. “They do a terrific job at the New Hampshire Veterans Home in Tilton, ” he said, “but too many young veterans are not receiving the care they were promised and require to reassimilate into the community.”

“There is too much animosity in our politics,” said Vorel. “We’re elected to listen to our constituents and serve the public, to find solutions to problems, not debate ideological differences.” He said that his professional experience equips him to broker competing interests and find common ground.